Be safe! Have strong passwords.

A password is a secret key that keeps your internet identity safe.
But, how secret is your password?

Compose your password from words that you remember   /  

The website will trim spaces so mike  is the same thing as mike (without ending space). You cannot type mi  because without the space it only has 2 letters.

Change settings

If you change the password length or the no. of answers you will alter your generated password. It is recomended to keep the default (3 answers and the length of ~ 20).

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What is this project about?

Ok, so you have a password like "Mike@Home123" that you use for Facebook and also for your Email account. Now, if you create a forum account you will use this same password, because you know it well and it's complex and, it's good, you know it for years.

If you are a developer, like me, you will also have a cPanel password, few FTP accounts and also few email accounts. Your passwords must change, to avoid loosing all your online life:

1. L00r0a:p0YcbY]<,9-3Mr for your Facebook account and
2. <0,.c,a6raM5br,,p.czp for Email

For the first password I answered to three questions:
1) my current password 2) use password for... 3) username
and, in this example we have answers like:
1) Mike@Home123 2) facebook 3) mike

Create your own questions: mother name, current password, first letter from where you'll use the password OR just '123' string, your current password and your username. Imagine your questions and you'll find great passwords.

How can I trust this?

You don't have to.
The code is open-source and you can get it and, even customize it for your needs.

Terms and conditions

As a user, you must agree that:

This service will only provide an unique generated password for a combination of words that are easy for you to remember. This script will not keep your passwords and will not keep your answers. Also, this service is not responsable for you account security (by any kind). This service is only a password generator.


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